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Or for all you digital nomads out there, you might be interested in being a mini retired person in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a period of time maybe? So just how much money do you need to survive as an expat or retired person there? In order to help you answer that, I have focused on 7 areas where your money will consistently go each month to examine how much money you need. These numbers reflect the costs of living alone in the more prominent cities, like the capital Sarajevo and tourist hotspot Mostar.

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A City at the Crossroads between East and West Sarajevo has always been a meeting place for different cultures, peoples and ideas, a link between East and West. Though traces of the siege of the s can still be seen, the city today is once again thriving, and proud of its revival as a centre of multi-cultural tolerance, diversity and traditional hospitality. There are artefacts in the National Museum of Sarajevo dating from the Neolithic periods of the 3rd and 2nd millenia B.

Bosnia-Herzegovina became a major centre for the Illyrian Empire, which dominated the Balkans throughout this millenium until the Romans inflicted what was perhaps the final defeat of King Gentius in B. Remains of an extension of the Hellenistic culture can also be found in Illyrian settlements.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Nada Marković is a human rights activist from Bosnia and Herzegovina and works with with the organization “Maja Kravica” that seeks to empower women from rural communities.

They certainly do in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A beautiful European country framed by craggy mountains and laced with clear rivers, it is still widely viewed as a bullet-marked bunker — if not for its involvement in the First World War its capital Sarajevo was the tinderbox where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June sparked the fire , then as one of the parties to the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia in the Nineties. Here we present 10 nuggets of information — which, perhaps, you did not know about this appealing, yet misunderstood, destination.

They may also be 10 reasons to pay it a visit… 1. The modern Bosnian state is a bit older than you think There can be a tendency to regard all the Balkan states which emerged from the carcass of Yugoslavia as creations of the 21st century. Montenegro set up its own stall in , Kosovo made its claim to sovereignty in although this is yet to be confirmed. But Bosnia and Herzegovina made its giant leap into self-determination in the winter of — holding an independence referendum on March 1, and declaring the result just two days later on March 3.

This did not immediately go well. Serbian objections to a UN-recognised Bosnia were one of the flashpoints which caused the appalling Bosnian War of — in which genocide and human rights abuses scarred this corner of Europe.

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Public Holidays Moving to Bosnia and Herzegovina Expats moving to Bosnia and Herzegovina will need to bear in mind that the country is still recovering from the devastating war which took place from to The majority of expats living in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found in the capital, Sarajevo. Most expats are employed by NGOs or international organisations.

The cost of living in Bosnia is very inexpensive. The prices of food and transport are minimal and decrease the further away you go from Sarajevo.

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The name “Bosnia” is derived from the Bosna River, which cuts through the region. Herzegovina takes its name from the word herceg, which designated the duke who ruled the southern part of the region until the Ottoman invasion in the fifteenth century. The two regions are culturally indistinguishable and for much of their history have been united under one government. Although cultural variations in Bosnia and Herzegovina are minimal, cultural identity is currently extremely divisive. The three main groups are Muslims Bosniacs , Serbs, and Croats.

Before the recent civil war, many areas of the country had mixed populations; now the population has become much more homogeneous in most regions. Bosnia is in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering Slovenia to the northwest, Croatia to the north, and Serbia and Montenegro to the south and southwest; it has a tiny coastline along the Adriatic Sea. The land area is 19, square miles 51, square kilometers.

Herzegovina is the southern portion of the country; it is shaped like a triangle whose tip surrounded by Croatia and Yugoslavia touches the Adriatic.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ekrem Spahic etc. Anybody wishing to study the history of Islamic culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina seriously should consult numerous works of Hamdija Kresevljakovic , an outstanding Muslim Croat, member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, author of an important monograph about history of Croatian literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more information see [ Karihman ]. It should be noted that the literary and scientific activity of such intellectuals has been severely suppressed during the 70 years’ Yugoslav period, resulting that today a very small percentage of the entire Muslim Slav population in BiH and Croatia has the awareness of its Croatian roots.

Hrvati islamske vjere We can document the equivalence of the name of Bosniak and Hrvat during many centuries, until the Yugoslav period see below.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina form the northwestern corner of the Balkan Peninsula. Taking the two together as one territory, Bosnia-Herzegovina is bounded on the north by the Austrian provinces and titular kingdoms of Croatia and Slavonia, on the east by the Kingdom of Servia, on the south by one of the nominal provinces of Turkey , the principality of Montenegro , and the titular kingdom and Austrian province of Dalmatia , and on the west by Dalmatia and Croatia.

The Dinaric Alps and the Save and Drina Rivers form a large part of the boundary line of the country which in shape closely resembles an equilateral triangle. The joint territory has an area of about 19, square miles and belongs nominally to the Turkish Empire. Article 25 of the Treaty of Berlin, 13 July, , granted Austria-Hungary the right to occupy and administer the two provinces. Since then they have been under the control of the Minister of Finance of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy as crown provinces.

Bosnia and Herzegovina belong, with their alternating highlands and mountain chains, to the region of the Karst mountains. The Karst region forms a part of the spurs of the southern Alps. It is a mountainous limestone district of the mesozoic period with valleys of incomplete formation. The rocky, unfruitful character of the Karst region is more evident in the southern part of the territory than in the northern, for in the north the forest-covered ranges, running chiefly from south-east to northwest, enclose fertile valleys.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the two 19th-century Orthodox churches has also disappeared, while the early 20th-century synagogue, after suffering severe damage in the World War II , has been converted into a theatre. Several Ottoman inns also survived, along with other buildings from this period of Mostar’s history, such as fountains and schools. A number of surviving late Ottoman houses demonstrate the component features of this form of domestic architecture — upper storey for residential use, hall, paved courtyard, and verandah on one or two storeys.

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All documents must be translated into Bosnian, including the Hague Abduction Convention application. Please note, however, that certified translations are not necessary. The USCA is available to answer questions about the Hague application process, to forward a completed application to the BCA, and to subsequently monitor its progress through the foreign administrative and legal processes. There are no fees for filing Hague applications with either the United States or Bosnia and Herzegovina central authorities.

Attorney fees are the responsibility of the applicant parent. Additional costs may include airplane tickets for court appearances and for the return of the child, if so ordered. Department of State can assist parents living in the United States to understand whether the Convention is an available civil remedy and can provide information on the process for submitting a Hague application.

The criteria for acceptance of a Hague access application vary from country to country. Department of State can assist parents living in the United States to understand country-specific criteria and provide information on the process for submitting a Hague application.

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